Paw Print Car Mats

Dog and cat lovers will go crazy over our Paw Print carpet which has just been added to our Limited Edition range.

We can use the Paw Print carpet to create any of our Car Mats, Van Mats or Boot Mats patterns. The carpet base colour is available in Black or Brown.

Prices from:

  • Car Mats – £34.99
  • Van Mats- £34.99
  • Boot Mat- £26.99
  • Car Mat & Boot Mat Bundle - £54.99

All options receive Free UK Delivery

Please Note:
Due to the technology we use to cut our mats the paw prints can face a number of different ways e.g. All 4 car mats may not be the same.

Our office dog Knasher can't make up her mind which colour she likes.