Seat Cover Sale

Massive seat cover price reduction on our heavy duty semi tailored seat covers.

With prices starting from £22.99 which is almost half price of the recommended retail price. Meaning now has never been a better time to spring clean your car and smarten up the interior with a set of seat covers.

Seat Cover

New Price      


Driver Seat Cover£22.99£44.99
Passenger Seat Cover£22.99£44.99
Rear Seat Cover£29.99£49.99
Front Pair Seat Covers        £48.98£89.98
Full Set Seat Covers£74.98£139.97

All of our seat covers are made from high quality hard-wearing 600g polyester which is both waterproof and fire retardant. Armrest options can be added and they are airbag and seat belt compatible.

Free UK Delivery with orders over £25

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